Interns are not considered NATO, STRIKFORNATO, or STRIKFORNATO’s MoU nation employees or contractors and are not covered under the Civilian Personnel Regulations nor the NATO Status of Forces Agreement.
STRIKFORNATO will provide its interns with a monthly stipend of €500,00 to offset expenses of the internship, such as food, travel, and living arrangements. All tax matters involving this stipend are the responsibility of the intern. Interns may receive emoluments from outside sources (such as scholarships or grants).
Travel: Normally, when STRIKFORNATO headquarters must be deployed for either training or operational purposes, interns will remain at the headquarters and provide support to the STRIKFORNATO Reach Back Element. However, if an intern voluntarily desires to deploy for training/exercises with the command, they must do so at their own expense and at their own risk, with approval of the appropriate Assistant Chief of Staff and Senior National Representative. Such deployment is at the complete discretion of STRIKFORNATO and will require the intern to sign an appropriate liability waiver.
Interns are required to have health insurance coverage. On their first working day, the interns are required to sign a disclaimer for insurance purposes, showing that they have health insurance. Interns are encouraged, but not required, to obtain insurance against other risks as appropriate.
All interns working at STRIKFORNATO will require a NATO SECRET security clearance from their national authorities prior to commencing their internship at STRIKFORNATO.

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