Director of Staff

Captain Panagiotis Nikolareas was born in Athens/Greece in 1968. He joined the Navy Academy in 1985 and graduated in 1989.
After graduating from the Basic Underwater Demolition Command School of HELNAVSOCOM in 1991, he attended many courses concerning his specialization such as the Advanced Operational Training School of the Underwater Demolition Command, the Basic and Masters Parachute School and the Free Fall Parachute School, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School in the USA and the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal course in the UK, the Medical Course in ILRRPS GE and the Antiterrorist/Security Officers course in the USA. He graduated from the Staff Officer College in 2000, the Supreme Joint War College in 2005 and the Hellenic National Defence College in 2015. He acquired an MA in Applied Strategy and International Security from the University of Plymouth in 2016.
He served many years in HELNAVSOCOM as the Head Officer of Unconventional Warfare Teams. He also assumed duties as Ops Officer, Head Officer of Diving Department, Executive Officer of Education and Training Department, Executive Officer of the HELNAVSOCOM and finally in 2015 assumed the duties of HELNAVSOCOM Commander, position that he kept for two years.
Along his career he served on different types of warships mainly Destroyers and Landing ships having assumed the duties of a CIC Officer, Comms Officer, Bridge Officer, Diver Officer and Executive Officer. He assumed the position of a Captain twice, in 2003 of a Logistic Support ship and in 2013 of a Landing ship. He participated in numerous national and international exercises and operations during his service in the Hellenic Fleet and in HELNAVSOCOM, as well as in various cooperation/ co-training with Special Forces of different countries.
He served in EUROMARFOR from 2009 to 2012 stationed at the time in JFC Lisbon and in FRMARFOR (Toulon/France).
He was selected for promotion to Captain in 2016. Capt Panagiotis Nikolareas speaks English, French and Portuguese. His hobbies are mainly focused on history reading, music, skiing, and diving.
Along his carrier, he was awarded with several decorations and commendations.
He is STRIKFORNATO´s Director of Staff since 21 July 2017.

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