Change of Command Ceremony

Oct 8, 2013
Oeiras, Portugal – STRIKFORNATO has a new Commander. Vice Admiral Frank C. Pandolfe, was relieved by Vice Admiral Phil Davidson on 08 October 2013, in a traditional military ceremony presided over by the Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Luís Evangelista Esteves de Araújo.
This ceremony marked the handover of responsibilities between VADM Pandolfe and VADM Davidson as Commander of Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO. VADM Pandolfe was the Commander STRIKFORNATO since 03 October 2011 and was the first Commander of STRIKFORNATO in Reduto Gomes Freire, Oeiras, Portugal since the move that was completed 01 August 2012. VADM Pandolfe stated "his deepest gratitude to the Portuguese for their hospitality and support to the Alliance through their superb hosting of STRIKFORNATO’s headquarters."
VADM Davidson stated that "he is honoured to be the new commander and delighted to be in Portugal, for the first time." He looks forward to continuing VADM Pandolfe’s tremendous leadership and he is grateful for everyone’s continued support.

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