STRIKFORNATO hosted the 2nd annual Maritime Expeditionary Operations Conference

Dec 18, 2014
On 2 and 3 December 2014 Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) hosted the 2nd annual Maritime Expeditionary Operations Conference (MEOC 2014) in Oeiras, Portugal. The main team for this year’s conference was Delivering Maritime Expeditionary Power in Support of Deterrence for a Prepared NATO.

People from across the Alliance and wider participated in the conference with the goal of exchange experiences, knowledge in order to better define the future role of Maritime Expeditionary Operations (MEO) and explore through an informed discussion how Maritime Expeditionary Forces will be employed to contribute to deterrence in the new geopolitical situation, particularly, in light of emergent operational challenges on the Alliance’s border.

The first day of the conference was directed to three panels, in which were discussed: the role of  Maritime Expeditionary Forces in the 21st century and a better understanding of deterrence; the definition of what Maritime Expeditionary Capabilities are required to support Alliance Maritime Strategy; opportunities for improving and enhancing the deterrence effect of NATO maritime training and exercises. The second day ended with the following themes: Airpower in Support of Maritime Expeditionary Operations; definition and understanding of how we might envisage a Maritime Expeditionary Operations being supported from an information systems perspective; the NATO Special Operations Forces perspective relative to MEO in support of NATO’S core tasks of collective defence, crisis response and cooperative security.


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