STRIKFORNATO Stands Up As First Joint Headquarters (Maritime/Expeditionary)

Jul 4, 2014

Oeiras, Portugal – Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) officially assumed the duties as the first Joint Headquarters Maritime/Expeditionary (JHQ M/E) on 1 July 2014, and is on ‘standby' status for quick activation if required by SACEUR. In doing so, STRIKFORNATO became one of the first NATO Force Structure Headquarters to be trained and certified as a Joint Task Force Headquarters, providing a joint command and control capability outside of the traditional NATO Command Structure. This marks a significant milestone in executing the transformational program defined by the Lisbon Summit in 2010 and Chicago Summit in 2012, and will directly enable NATO to continue to meet the Alliance's Level of Ambition with a leaner Command Structure.

JHQ M/E is a new operational level Joint Headquarters designation that provides an "initial maritime entry capability.” Primarily centered on providing a maritime, strike and amphibious capability, a JHQ M/E is constructed to plan and synchronize joint actions which include non-lethal and lethal combat capabilities.

"The present day security environment is more tense than it has been in many years- but the deterrence that is offered by agile, flexible and joint, maritime power and maritime enabled forces is one of the main reasons why the Alliance continues to remain unchallenged after 65 years. Our core values of Professionalism, Teamwork and Agility have again proved our worth and relevance to the Alliance. I have no doubt that these values will continue to ensure our success as we take the watch as the first JHQ M/E”, stated Vice Admiral Phil Davidson, Commander of STRIKFORNATO, to his staff on the occasion of gaining the JHQ M/E certification.

STRIKFORNATO is a permanently standing International Military Headquarters as designated by the North Atlantic Council. The Headquarters is comprised of 11 Nations with a maritime character and heritage under the leadership of the United States as the framework Nation. Formed in 1953, its core role is to integrate US Naval Forces into NATO operations. The deployable headquarters staff operates continuously in a high readiness with a very short notice to move and trains to operate across the full operational spectrum including Article 5 Defense Operations.


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