Combined Amphibious Assault in Portugal

Oct 13, 2015
On 20 October, STRIKFORNATO, Portuguese Marines, and the United States Marines Corps will demonstrate cooperation and interoperability as they conduct a Combined Amphibious Assault at the Pinheiro da Cruz training range in Portugal.
The STRIKFORNATO led combined Portuguese and United States exercise will demonstrate:

a) Readiness – In today’s world, crisis response is becoming increasingly demanding and the speed at which forces are required to deploy to areas of NATO interest has also increased significantly. STRIKFORNATO is a predominantly maritime high readiness HQ with Joint capabilities and is permanently at 5 days’ notice to move in response to an emerging crisis. STRIKFORNATO’s core role is to exercise Command and Control of high readiness forces. TRJE 15 LIVEX provides STRIKFORNATO the opportunity for C2 of such forces in its capacity as an MCC overseeing the KSG ARG/MEU operating alongside the Portuguese Fuzileiros (Marines) in Portugal. C2 of TASK FORCE IRON HORSE in Spain also demonstrates STRIKFORNATO’s joint capability. STRIKFORNATO’s participation in TRJE 15 LIVEX clearly exhibits its readiness to respond to any crisis.

b) Agility – The flexibility, high readiness and expertise of STRIKFORNATO and the forces under its command in this exercise illustrate unique and agile characteristics that are amongst the most capable in the world. Integration of major US maritime and expeditionary forces in TRJE 15 is illustrative of the type of the agility and rapid response capability that STRIKFORNATO brings to the Alliance.

c) Assurance – The size, capabilities and number of forces involved in exercise TRJE 15 are noteworthy in comparison to exercises of similar nature that have taken place in the last few decades. This demonstration of capability by the Alliance members and partners is a clear sign of its cohesiveness, interoperability, military capability and collective will to uphold and defend the values behind which it stands. STRIKFORNATO C2 of major US forces and assets validates its ability to support NATO’s assurance measures and to meet present and future security challenges.

d) Transparency – NATO’s intent for transparency and predictability has been demonstrated from the beginning of the planning phases of Exercise Trident Juncture 15. In line with Allies’ international obligations under the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Vienna Document, TRJE 15 was announced well in advance and observers from all OSCE countries, including Russia, will be invited. STRIKFORNATO’s role in TRJE 15 LIVEX is aligned with the overall nature of the exercise, emphasizing transparency and compliance with international obligations.


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