STRIKFORNATO Role in the NATO Alliance

NATO faces full-spectrum security challenges involving state and non-state actors. These would-be adversaries are actively conducting asymmetric operations in a constant state of competition below the threshold of conventional military conflict. However, they continue to raise tensions and prepare for war to protect or achieve their interests, if they deem this necessary. If conflict does occur, it will likely be rapid and decisive, as adversaries attempt to achieve a fait accompli before the Alliance can consolidate its combat power.
The Alliance is pursuing several initiatives to address these complex and evolving security challenges, while reducing the time needed to build credible combat power in time of crisis. Flexible, adaptable, and scalable forces, able to rapidly deploy and operate at the speed of relevance across the spectrum of conflict, provide the Alliance the tools necessary to preserve the peace, and if necessary, win in battle. STRIKFORNATO is one such key organization.
You can now learn more about STRIKFORNATO's organization, mission, roles, attributes, our contribution to NATO, and our evolving responsibilities on our recently published flyer. 

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