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Oct 20 2021

STRIKFORNATO participates in U.S. Carrier Training Exercise Scenario

Oeiras, Portugal – STRIKFORNATO participated as NATO Headquarters in the USS HARRY S TRUMAN Strike Group's Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) from 16-18 October.

The STRIKFORNATO Staff added to the exercise by representing the NATO headquarters in preparation for their upcoming deployment. The Strike Group Units trained on NATO procedures, communications, and policy in order to better prepare the ships, aircraft, and staff for their upcoming carrier deployment. The staff at STRIKFORNATO provided a live NATO command for the embarked Commander Carrier Strike Group EIGHT (CSG-8) onboard the USS HARRY S TRUMAN (CVN 75).

This exercise allowed the CSG-8 Staff to utilize NATO systems and structure to understand how to work within the greater NATO Alliance. Additionally, it also provided invaluable training for the STRIKFORNATO staff in their interaction with Carrier Strike Groups in high-end training scenarios across the spectrum of conflict.

This event and events like this support Supreme Allied Commander Europe's (SACEUR) Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Strategy which places more focus in the deterrence of Alliance adversaries.

STRIKFORNATO will continue to partner with Carrier Strike Groups under their national training organization in order to better prepare their staff and Alliance units to operate as a cohesive team in conflict and crisis.

STRIKFORNATO is a rapidly deployable headquarters that provides scalable command and control across the full spectrum of the alliance's fundamental security tasks. As part of that mission, STRIKFORNATO is responsible for integrating U.S. naval and amphibious forces into NATO operations.

ATLANTIC OCEAN (Oct. 13, 2021) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) transits the Atlantic Ocean during a restricted maneuvering exercise. Truman is operating in the Atlantic Ocean in support of naval operations to maintain maritime stability and security in order to ensure access, deter aggression and defend U.S., allied and partner interests. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Justin Woods)

Story by Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO

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