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Nov 7 2023

Latvian navy commander visits strikfornato

OEIRAS, Portugal - Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) welcomed Captain Polencs, Latvian Navy Commander, 7 November 2023 to its Headquarters in Oeiras, Portugal.

Captain Māris Polencs and his team visited STRIKFORNATO’s headquarters at the height of Neptune Strike 23-3 activities. Captain Polencs was briefed on the current Neptune Strike iteration as well as future serials planned in the Baltic Sea Region. The delegation also had the opportunity to observe STRIKFORNATO’s Joint Operations Centre operating at full speed, executing activities across SACEUR’s Area of Responsibility. 

Captain Polencs experienced firsthand how STRIKFORNATO is not only integrating high-end maritime strike capabilities, but also synchronizing NATO activities.


Captain Māris Polencs signs STRIKFORNATO's Book of Honour

STRIKFORNATO has incrementally elevated the complexity and operational capacity of these events since the first Neptune-series event in September 2021, in order increase the Alliance’s capacity to deter aggression and defend tonight if needed.

The security of NATO’s northern boundaries in general, and the Baltic Sea region in particular cannot be achieved by any single nation alone. For that reason, the team at STRIKFORNATO brings together the collective defence capabilities of several Allied nations to safeguard deterrence and defense.

In this mission, the Latvian Navy emerges as a key enabler and player. The agility and professionalism demonstrated by Latvian forces has been commendable and mirror STRIKFORNATO’s commitment both to deterrence and to the defense of every single inch of Allied territory.

STRIKFORNATO will continue to cooperate with the Latvian Navy, upholding our common devotion to secure the Baltic Sea region.

Story by Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO


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