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Apr 26 2024

STRIKFORNATO Initiates Neptune Strike 24-1

Oeiras, Portugal – Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) commences Neptune Strike 24-1, a NATO-orchestrated enhanced Vigilance Activity planned to run from 26 April to 10 May.

Over the next fortnight, ships from 11 Allied nations and aircraft hailing from across the Alliance will converge to showcase NATO's enduring commitment to sovereignty and freedom during another chapter of the Neptune Strike series: a tangible display of NATO's power and capacity in multi-domain operations via the integration of high-end maritime warfare capabilities.

The first iteration in 2024 heralds several significant milestones. Foremost among them is the historic moment when FS Charles de Gaulle proudly unfurls NATO's flag, a testament to France's unwavering dedication to the collective defence of the Euro-Atlantic region. Joining forces with ITS Cavour and ESP Juan Carlos I, the French Carrier Strike Group will display the specific capabilities and operational reach of European Allies’ Maritime Strike forces.

The French Aircraft Carrier, FS Charles de Gaulle, unfurls NATO's colours for the first time in history

Furthermore, this will be the inaugural participation for the TCG Anadolu. The flagship of the Turkish Navy and its entourage will be sailing under national command while refining coordination with fellow Alliance members. For the very first time, Spanish and Turkish marines will land on European beaches together, leading the charge on NATO’s amphibious capabilities and sharpening Allied interoperability.

TCG Anadolu, the flagship of the Turkish Navy

As Swedish jets patrol Allied airspace, this iteration also signals Sweden's opening participation as a full-fledged Ally in the Neptune Series.

Peacetime Vigilance Activities have become ingrained in STRIKFORNATO's operational routine, delivering effects across sea, air, and land domains to provide deterrence and reassurance while enhancing Allied connectivity. Ranging from the Central Mediterranean to the Black Sea region and all the way up to the Baltic Sea, STRIKFORNATO’s execution will blanket three Joint Operations Areas and assert NATO’s capability to protect every inch of Allied territory with the naval resources that are organic to the theatre.

On an uncertain global stage, the Alliance’s primary duty is to shield over 1 billion people against any threat coming from any possible direction. Neptune Strike 24-1 stalwartly reaffirms how NATO stands resolute in fulfilling this vital mission, all the while underscoring STRIKFORNATO’s role as a touchstone for operational excellence and strategic cohesion.

Story by Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO

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