Daily Update - 27 October

Oct 27, 2018
Norwegian Sea – The first phase of exercise Trident Juncture continues, with forces being tested in challenging conditions off the coast of Norway.
USS Iwo Jima, the flagship for Expeditionary Strike Group Two, has concluded the movement of air assets to shore, in order to support the United States Marine Corps 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit on their landing operations scheduled for the upcoming days.
The maritime units attached to the Canadian Task Group and Norwegian Task Group proceeded with their Combat Enhancement Training/Force Integration Training (CET/FIT) programme. During the second day of Trident Juncture, ships and crews were tested on anti-submarine warfare activities and air defence exercises.
In addition, the Norwegian Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal team attached to the Mine Countermeasures Task Group continued their mine clearing operations, now with seven devices deactivated in the vicinity of Alvund, ensuring that lines of navigation are safe for ships and amphibious operations.
Photo 1: HMS Northumberland currently inside the Arctic Circle, in company with assault ship USS Iwo Jima which is carrying members of 45 Commando Royal Marines - on exercise Trident Juncture 18 (Credits to the Royal Navy)
Photo 2: Norwegian Explosive Ordnance Disposal Command, mine  clearing ashore and shallow waters in the vicinity of Alvund (Credits to the Norwegian Navy)

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