Behind the scenes at Trident Juncture

STRIKFORNATO Commander Paal Greger and Commander Kristian Evjen, Royal Norwegian Navy Reserves.
Oct 29, 2018

Norwegian Sea – STRIKFORNATO (SFN) is commanding more than 20 ships in the Norwegian Sea during exercise Trident Juncture.

To help ensure safety at sea for civilian and military vessels during the multi-national exercise, Norwegian Navy Reservists have joined the SFN Headquarters aboard its flagship, USS Mount Whitney. They both work with worldwide systems and organizations concerned with safety at sea, namely ‘Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping’ and the ‘Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System’.

The role of Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping is to provide advice for safe passage of merchant ships worldwide, with their personnel acting as a liaison between military and civil authorities.

"This exercise helps to strengthen the ties between the navy and the civilian shipping industry by increasing merchant shipping’s confidence in military operations, and to facilitate the free flow of maritime trade in the exercise area,” said Commander Paal Greger, Royal Norwegian Navy Reserves.

Communicating navigational safety information to merchant shipping and military authorities within the operational area is the role of the Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System.

"Information is promulgated by navigational warnings to merchant shipping,” said Commander Kristian Evjen, Norwegian Navy Reserves. "We will also highlight any additional risks to safety and security of navigation during operations, such as maneuvering with vessels in close proximity to civilian shipping in coastal and inshore waters.”

SFN is coordinating extensively with merchant shipping, the Norwegian Coast Guard, the Norwegian Coastal Authority and fisheries to ensure the safety and freedom of navigation for all seafarers during exercise Trident Juncture.


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